Eat This Now! Beef Heart Tartare at RADIO CITY PIZZERIA

It’s everything a beef tartare should be: tender, beef-rich, tangy and deeply, desirous-ly, decadently, carnivorously-crave-worthy.

It has onions, capers, micro-greens and just the right dabs of mayo to bind all that beautiful beef together. (Plus, it has an egg-cellent yolk atop the whole kit and kaboodle to do the same thing.)

The whole enchilada only costs $12….and is unlike any other tartare in town.

“But I thought beef heart was always tough and chewy,” said ELV to Chef Sean Collins. “At least the ones I’ve always had.”

“That’s because they didn’t cut it the right way,” Collins replied.

“Against the grain is the way to do it,” he informed us.

And he was right, as usual, as is just about everything on this menu.

Just thought you’d like to know.


508 East Fremont Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101



3 thoughts on “Eat This Now! Beef Heart Tartare at RADIO CITY PIZZERIA

  1. ….I wonder how this stacks up against Pizza Rock’s Beef Heart Tartare…I wouldnt know as there is always a line to get in and I end up going somewhere else…there is never ever a line to get into RC Pizzeria or customers for that matter…I am sure Brian Howard will be looking for new employees soon…just sayn…

    ….that said…anyone who carrys Tahoe Mt on tap needs some love…or…adult intervention…hmmmmm

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