3 thoughts on “The Original (and still the best) Caesar Salad

  1. J.C. WOW that was close! You rescued yourself near the end with appropriate mention of anchovies. Two for the “chef” (cook) and the rest in the salad. Surprising that not too many recipies include Worcestershire sauce and the two raw or coddled eggs. A requirement!

  2. The original one—which you can still have made tableside at Caesar’s Restaurant on Revolución and 5th in Tijuana—contains no anchovies. Salsa inglesa (Worcestershire sauce) is very popular in Mexico; whole anchovies, not so much. The eggs these days are coddled in the U.S. because we’ve scared people off raw eggs, but the original is, indeed, raw.

    Good show, Curtas. But next time hand the lady an anchovy when she’s got her hand out for one.

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