Greek Food Festival Coming Up!

In two weeks, Las Vegas’s best Greek restaurant will open for only three days.

It’s about the only time all year ELV gets excited about Greek food (along with when he gets invited to a relative’s house)  and he will be tending bar (and over-serving ouzoritas to himself) next |Friday night if you’d like to drop by.

Speaking of getting excited, there is nothing, NOTHING exciting or interesting about the Vegas food scene these days — which is the reason our website posts have been few and far between. (When we can work up the enthusiasm to write about it, we’ll give you our less-than-enthusiastic take on Echo & Rig.)

In the meantime, we’ll look forward to gorging ourselves on  Las Vegas’s  best Greek cooking, Friday-Sunday, Sept. 27-29.

Kali orixi!

4 thoughts on “Greek Food Festival Coming Up!

  1. John….. don’t you mean in TWO weeks as today is the 14th and your included poster indicates Sept. 27 – 29th. We’ll be there then. Yeeeeee Hawww!

  2. I love Greek food not to mention it is healthy cuisine. Most Centenarians are either from Crete in Greece or Osaka in Japan. The gyro is the greatest culinary creation ever along with pizza. The slices of meat (combination of lamb and beef) from a vertical spit along with onion, tomato and zatziki sauce–the taste is delectable, addicting and not to mention the healthiest lean protein there is. The secret is the pita should be crisp not soggy and it should be hot and fresh of the spit.

  3. One of the lunches I most look forward to eating in Vegas is the bargain Lavraki. Far and away the best Greek salad I’ve ever eaten. My server Anna demanded I dip some bread in the exquisite olive oil and she was RIGHT.

  4. Over the years I have seldom gone wrong by going to an ethnic church’s food festival and enjoying the eats. In Washington D.C. St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox cathedral is a consistent winner. St. Andrew’s Ukrainian cathedral is the place to soothe your longing for borscht and pelmeni. The Polish parish does pierogi and yeast cakes that you’ll make a point of coming back for next year.

    You get my drift…..

    Wish I would be in Las Vegas this weekend, should be a blast. Yassou!

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