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Less than four months after it opened, Poshburger shuttered its doors last week, bringing a speedy end to a restaurant that was a mistake from the word “go.”

This is not to say that Poshburger didn’t put out a superior product. The burger you see below was probably the best hamburger Las Vegas neighborhoods have ever seen….or ever will see in the foreseeable future.

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We even liked the clean, lean decor, the menu on the walls, open kitchen and bench seating (it kinda grew on us).

But the price point was too high, the location too difficult, and the Sum-R-Lamer market too friggin’ cheap and unimaginative to embrace an unknown product, from an unknown chef, in an impossible to see location. (Meanwhile, try getting a seat at Brio any time of the day….all those middle managers and their franchise-loving families love Brio.)

We shed a small tear when we heard the news. Because after only a few bites three months ago, we knew this was the burger we’d been waiting for, for the past two decades.

Sadly though, our predictions turned out to be spot on. This is one time we took no joy in it.

13 thoughts on “POSHBURGER Closes

  1. Really too bad. But I do remember someone saying without a full bar, a restaurant like this wont do well. I wonder who that was??

  2. Good product, bad price point for location. Too bad. I hope they re-open in a better location.

  3. Very sad because I can tell from the photo that the burgers were delicious. Yes, one can taste a burger through a photo.

  4. This looks like Daniel Boulud’s fabulous burger. One of the best things you can put in your mouth. Alas, long gone from here in Vancouver and Vegas too, though I hear he’s coming back to your town.

  5. The location is everything. I can see this place was not your average burger place. It was clean and the burger was the best anywhere. If this was in Town Square..it would have been a success. Town Square is East meets West, since this is like a Twin City and the mere mortals won’t cross the Strip. TS, location is great access and Whole foods, Fry’s and the theaters attract a regular stream.

  6. Brio.

    This place stunk when I lived in Ohio (Cincinnati, northern suburbs). 10 years ago.

    It was not even good Italian, in a place that had (almost) no Italians.

  7. Alas, Dave Z, you have hit a particular nail right on the head. While Town Square has had a huge turnover in restaurants through the years, a place like Brio is succeeding. Think about it – we actually had Louis Osteen right here in our midst, showcasing some upscale Low Country cooking that absolutely no one in Las Vegas is doing, and yet it has been the Brio’s that have gone forward, while Louis headed back to Pawley’s Island. It is a rather sad acknowledgment of our overall demographic, something that John has adroitly pointed out through the years.

    I still pine for an “Oyster BLT” served between two deftly fried green tomatoes that will sadly not make its way on to a Las Vegas menu any time soon. Some day I will exercise what I believe is a well-earned spite and head over to Brio, Tommy Bahamas, California Pizza Kitchen, or Miller’s Ale House and order one, just to see the reaction. “But hey, I just had one right around here a couple of years ago…”

    The next restaurant scheduled to open in Town Square is Panda Express. Seriously.

  8. Poor Location, Poor Layout, horrible bar, The burger was excellent but around $20???? At that price point I will go to Honey Salt every time.

  9. Ate there twice. Food was decent. Temp was over-cooked on burgers both times. No kid’s menu the first time we went. Honey Salt is a great example of a restaurant that knows the demographics of its market: families who don’t mind spending money on good food, great service, and nice atmosphere.

    Poshburger was doomed to fail based on its concept in a Summerlin strip mall.

  10. It was karma. As someone who opened the restaurant with complete faith and trust in it, I quickly learned that Conrad Gallagher is a manipulative con artist who STILL owes over $10,000 collectively to his staff. Instead of being a man with morals and paying them, he skipped town to Beverly Hills. What a horrible excuse for a human being.

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