POSHBURGER Postulations

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The real and only point of Poshburger is whether Sum-R-Lamers are ready to pay $25+ for a chopped meat lunch or dinner — even one as good as this. For when your cheeseburgers run from $15-$20 (topped off by a $29 wagyu beauty),  your tariff gets there in a hurry.

For that twenty five plus bucks, the McMansion/SUV/more-money-than-taste crowd will get superior ingredients, including a gorgeous brioche bun, deep, rich, well-chopped* and properly seasoned meat, exemplary fries and a there-must-be-a-pastry-chef-in-the-house duck egg crême brûlée. The Burger Maven said his Black Angus, build-your-own-burger, tasted like a good steak, and no one at our table could find fault with the venison burger, either.

ELV’s lamb burger may not challenge the Eiffel Tower Restaurant‘s for local, lamb burger hegemony, but it was definitely in the same league. And the fresh made apple-lime juice we had to start our meal kicks the ass of any iced tea, anytime.

Some may question  the odd location (tucked away on the side of a shopping center), the braggadocios-ness (“world’s best gourmet burger”) and the ultra-casual, bleached-blonde-bench communal seating (ELV didn’t mind it, his companions did), but there’s no denying this is a place that is serious about its groceries and its recipes.

So will all those affluent folks be willing to pay more — in this case two or three times more — for what is arguably a much better burger meal? In a perfect world, we would say yes. But in the cheap-ass protein universe we live in, where people love to give lip service to going greener but still want their Escalades, three dollar-a-gallon gas and two dollar tacos, we think not.

Elevation Burger lasted barely a year, five miles south of this location, and all it did was charge a couple of bucks more (than what you pay at Fatburger) for organic, grass fed, hormone-free beef that was spectacular. Here, you get a variety of good meats you can consume without fear and with the confidence that you are eating the best hamburger Vegas neighborhoods have ever seen. But unless they get a full bar (right now it’s beer and wine only), we doubt this place will last that long.

Which would be a bloody shame.

Our lunch tab for three with no booze came to $71, excluding tip.


* The grind was a tad too fine for the taste of a persnickety critic, but otherwise was just fine.


9921 West Charleston Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89506



8 thoughts on “POSHBURGER Postulations

  1. $15-$20 per burger? Do you get fries with that? That’s Strip prices, far from the Strip.

  2. $19 gets you a delicious angus burger with a side. Definitely was probably one of the best I’ve ever had and cooked to a perfect medium rare. Was there on Saturday and my biggest complaint is the tiny beer selection and the sun beaming through the windows as it begins to set, causing the unfortunate person who happens to be facing the windows to go prematurely blind.

    A couple of other issues:
    –no kids menu. They only offer a plate of 3 sliders for $10. In Summerlin, a kids menu is a must!

    –Not sure how well the communal tables will be received.

    –Witnessed an unfortunate incident where the chef had a verbal altercation with a mother who was upset her burger was under-cooked. He apologized profusely to us as we left, but it’s one of those things where he never should have said anything at all.

    –Servers are still learning the system and as a result we experienced a few hiccups.

  3. ELV, I’m surprised that you missed a glaring detail. You’re always on top of the minor quibbles that have set us apart from the pack. Me thinks the owner’s need to do a spell check on the menu signage over the counter. Duck anyone?

  4. The dining “room” looks like the communal eating area at the local jail or state pen. The price point will kill this joint in a year. I don’t give a hoot what they call it, its still a lousy hamburger on a bun for G’d sake! Now as for the picture of the “Summerlin” broads, well ELV has it nailed! Saw a bunch of these high maintainable gals at Vintner Grill this afternoon. Their Mac Daddys nowhere to be seen. Very interesting conversations when they get liquored up! Ha Ha!

  5. I went by for lunch today and the communal tables just makes eating alone really difficult. It’s like you’re under the spotlight – and I hated it. I tried the turkey burger though and it was solid.

  6. Well crap – I just was looking at Holstein’s menu and the prices are exactly the same. And honestly, I think that the burgers at Posh are a bit better.

  7. Very enjoyable burger and good onion rings too. I did think the wagyu patty was a little too thick and the bun a little too dense as well. Unfortunately, I think that the price point is too high for the location and the community tables are not going to be well received by the populous at the price point of the restaurant. Although I did enjoy my burger and any place that serves grass fed humanely raised beef deserves our support and they have mine. The one little detail I did truly appreciate was I asked for extra salt and they brought me Fleur de Sel. Pretty cool. Thinner patties with coarser grind and better crust would have me as a regular there.

  8. Agreed with George, the biggest issue I found were patties that were too thick to allow the temp to be consistant through the burger, and the grind needs to be refined for some of the options that are less common and gamier options such as the Wild Boar burger (must be eaten every bite with peaches, great combination!). But this is a minor issue, because I suspect the kitchen is already making these types of adjustments. As for the price, I find it hard to complain about a dinner for two with 2 burgers, 2 orders of fries, 1 desert, 1 cocktail and a bottle of water for only $56, I think it would cost more than that for a burger dinner for two at Honey Salt nearby with the same accoutrements. The price of the burger is deceiving… it includes fries. Very very good fries I should add!

    I learned that they are not done with the decor, chef told me they are continuing to build out and are looking into separation to improve customer experiences. We are seeing rev A of this location, I predict Rev B will be much improved – and hopefully have a lasting effect on the west side of Vegas.

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