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Noodlelicious Soups from SHOKU RAMEN-YA on Wake Up With the Wagners

For those of you who don’t Wake Up With the Wagners (or the pigs and chickens for that matter), yesterday’s restaurant segment on KSNV  (NBC) Channel 3’s  morning show was “Ramen is All the Rage”  — featuring the superior soups from Shoku Ramen-Ya, as well as giving a shout out to Monta, Ramen Tatsu, and Ramen Sora.

Here is the (sometimes slightly out of focus) video for your delectation:


470 East Windmill Lane #110

Las Vegas, NV 89123


2 Responses to Noodlelicious Soups from SHOKU RAMEN-YA on Wake Up With the Wagners

  • Have to agree with you on this one- Shoku Ramen-Ya does have great food at a great price- they also have one of japans best beers available there- the Hitachino Wit- i think the beer cost more than my bowl of ramen did.

  • I say shoku is on the bottom the list of Ramen holes. #1 Fukumimi by far – chicken broth with chicken ramen not only healthier but the best chicken broth of anywhere. #2 Monta on EASTERN not on spring mtn. Monta on Eastern has extra items like daikon salad and more cold ramen choices. #3 Ramen Sora and # x —–SHOKU – Yes good beers, otherwise extremely rich milky fat ridden heartache / attack bowls of grease and lard broth. Shoku should rename itself to Heart Attack Ramen and I think they will be #1 on the Heart Attack list next surpassing Heart Attack Grill.

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