Hot Hostess Brianna Beautifies Bradley’s Best Burger

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Brianna knows a good burger when she sees one.

Just like ELV knows a hot hostess when he meets one.

Brianna is a worthy successor to another Brianna — the Hot Hostess of the Year in 2009 — and professionally provides a pulchritudinous panacea to parties partaking palpable palate perfection.

ELV prefers proffering this pedagogic panegyric to this peak of pastoral, perpetual  impeccability:

It is the best goddamned hamburger in town.

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So beefy, so juicy, so well-proportioned, so impossibly well-seasoned, it exists at the pinnacle of burger pleasure.

Just ask Brianna…and she’ll promptly place you so your pontifacting  plaudits can pour forth.

Yeah, it’s that good.

There, I said it.

The mini-burgers pictured above are only available on the Happy Hour menu and cost $6 for three of them.


450 South Rampart Blvd. #180

Las Vegas, NV 89145


6 thoughts on “Hot Hostess Brianna Beautifies Bradley’s Best Burger

  1. Maybe this place will last since there is not a distracting casino around for the Chefs to play in. Then again they always just had poker and drinking games going on in the kitchen!!

  2. Dave Lieberman said — Well, this is certainly the creepiest food review I’ve ever read.

    You, sir, must have never been on yelp.

    – E

  3. I’m quite happy for Chef Ogden and crew. They must feel a sense of creative freedom to not be under the guise of a corporate food and beverage department and bean-counters dictating the prices on your menu.

    For a bit of historical perspective–I first tasted Chef Ogden’s dishes at Campton Place in San Francisco many years ago, followed by great meals at One Market. I’ve always considered Ogden to be one of the leaders of what today we call Farm to Table cooking and it appears to me he’s in that element with Hops and Harvest in Las Vegas. Good to see him back. I’ll leave the Brianna metaphors to you.

  4. When you end up at Tivoli your days are numbered. Sad to say, the lowly Brio Tuscan is the only joint doing well. Shitty cold bar food at happy hour with watered down drinks. Summerlin can’t get enough of it.

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