Hot Hostess Of The Year 2009 – Brianna at SIMON

ELV thought long and hard about this year’s HHOTY, and on this, the eleventh hour of the last day of the final month of the first decade of the 21st Century, we decided there could be but two promontorily prominent criteria for this exalted honor: extreme professionalism under stress, and association with uber-chef Kerry Simon.

We stress the former because dealing with the hungover hordes at Palms Place on a Sunday morning for Simon’s Rock and Roll Brunch can’t be an easy task — and Brianna is fully equipped to acquit herself admirably in these duties.

Association with Kerry is also a necessary prerequisite for this year’s award, since Simon is so stacked with sensational staff that he should practically get the Irving G. Thalberg Lifetime Achievement Award for Hot Hostesses.

Congratulations to Brianna, and she and Kerry, as well as the staff at ELV, wish all of you a Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “Hot Hostess Of The Year 2009 – Brianna at SIMON

  1. Congrads to Brianna!! She is a true Hottie. Hope she could just teach Kerry some new recipes……his food is sooooooo tired!

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