Hot Mixologist Watch – Rose at MINGO

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Many of Rose’s charms are not immediately visible to the naked eye.

Two of them include the ability to mix a great cocktail and keep itinerant restaurant critics happy.

She performs these twin pinnacles of derring do nightly at the just-opened Mingo.

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Not content with his usual double-barreled pair of pleasures at this utterly fascinating addition to the downtown drinking and dining scene, ELV often lets Rose talk him into a side-by-side sipping scenario, the better to bifurcate her bifarious brace of booze beneficence.

That, and they’re mighty pretty to look at as well as taste.

The drinks. The cocktails you come here to enjoy.

What did you think we were talking about?

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Those cocktails came down in price by a couple of bucks apiece after we commented on Facebook and Twitter that the downtown market was unlikely to imbibe alcohol priced at $12-$14/drink.

During our recent return visit, Harris proudly pointed to our powers of pricing persuasion — and tried to engage us in further cocktail conversation — but we were too busy staring.

At the mixed drinks.


1017  South First Street #180

Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 685-0328

7 thoughts on “Hot Mixologist Watch – Rose at MINGO

  1. ELV must be so proud about this post.
    Whatever you can put in your mouth qualifies as cuisine, right?

    No wonder people all over north las vegas take your comments on dining seriously.

    (I can’t wait for the rest of the trailer-trash ELV cult-freaks to comment on this post, and tell me I have no sense of humor, and that they like chicks exactly like they like their scampi….BIG!
    You guys are very cool. And you’re no doubt getting laid on a regular basis.)

    God help us all.
    The entire country thinks Las Vegas is Trash…and ELV is proving them right.

  2. This is why I have this site bookmarked. Come for the ribaldry, stay for the pissy comments. I wish I had ELV’s superpower: to annoy exactly the right people.

  3. ELV Cult-Freaks? Who knew?

    Where and when do they meet? Are there initiation fees?

    (I just hope you don’t have to wear a white suit…)

  4. Joseph A is the same schmuck who posted a snarky comment regarding ” Pee-Ness Perfection”. For a guy who thinks this blog is inhabited by lowlifes and the unclean masses, he sure likes to hang out and lurk around the edges, only to come out at night to post his comments. Jeez Joseph, ELV has a sense of humor that is obviously above your intellect level. Give it a rest. As for the followers of ELV I would suggest you buy the Book Eating Las Vegas and learn about the food and drink scene in this Town. Educate yourself and get a life that is full of laughter, beautiful women and fine cuisine! Ciao

  5. She will not age gracefully working in a bar. Needs nose job and a good hairdresser.

  6. If ELV’s taste in food mirrors his taste in women, he must be big on artificial flavors, dyes, Cool-Whip, and “Chilean” sea bass…

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