Charlie Trotter Wishes ELV a Happy Fifth Birthday!

This being Eating Las Vegas’s fifth birthday* — hooray hooray!our staff wanted to bask in some nostalgia and recount to you some of our trials and tribulations, victories and vanquishings over the past half decade, but instead we thought you should know that Charlie Trotter himself — that renowned chef, philathropist and humanitarian, went out of his way to e-mail us this morning congratulating us on being one of his favorite food/restaurant blogs and to tell us we are one of the reasons he misses being in Vegas.

Thanks, Charlie! It’s nice to be admired by such a famous, humble and fine man as yourself, and we long for the day when you will return to Las Vegas and grace us with your presence.

Happy Birthday….to us!


* Coincidentally, we have done exactly 2,222 posts on this site since it began on April, 1, 2008. ELV doesn’t know what the fuck that means, but he thought you’d like to know.

3 thoughts on “Charlie Trotter Wishes ELV a Happy Fifth Birthday!

  1. I miss Charlie!!!! Restaurant Charlie was the greatest restaurant that never had a chance. And I was lucky enough to hit his Chicago establishment before he shuttered it last summer. Come back to Vegas Charlie!!!

  2. ELV responds: Only one person got the joke. Sheesh.

    Charlie Trotter may be a fine chef (although a strong argument can be made that time has passed him by), but he’s a arrogant, drunken little shit.*

    *It takes one to know one.

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