This Just In: VALENTINO Leaving Venetian

Eating Las Vegas has learned that, after 13 years and numerous accolades, Piero Selvaggio’s Valentino will be departing the Venetian Hotel and Casino in June.

Both sides describe the parting as amicable, and we have it on good authority that Selvaggio is actively seeking another home for an authentic trattoria concept in Las Vegas.

The Venetian remains mum on whatever concept will be replacing this pasta, wine and northern Italian palace, but our sources, who may or may not be reliable, have given usĀ  information, which may or may not be true, that a famous French chef, who may or may not be named Daniel Boulud, will be taking over the space later this year.

12 thoughts on “This Just In: VALENTINO Leaving Venetian

  1. Some of my best dining experiences have been at Valentino. I remember one night a few years back when Piero was in the house and Chef Pellegrini in the kitchen. After dinner they joined us at the table and tempted us, (not hard to do), with bottles of grappa. The only one sober at the end of the night was the Food Gal.

  2. If any of the casino execs who read this are smart, they should grab Luciano and give him his own place. I’m sure their are plenty of Venetian high rollers who would follow him to eat. I agree with dr, easily some of the best dining experiences in the city were at Valentino.

  3. I was afraid this was coming. Last time I ate there in December, the food and service were great, but highdinner time and the place was almost empty, as were most of Venetian’s restaurants in the row.
    Venetian has suffered filling their rooms the past 2 years with their 7200 suites but gaming program is not the greatest. They gave me 4nights free, and upon checking in, the desk agent told me they were at 18% capacity with 7200 suites so I wouldn’t have to worry about what kind of room I get.
    As a Caesars member, they know how to treat their gamblers, hopefully he gets snatched up quickly at another casino.

  4. This sucks. Sorry to see them go, seems like a lot of restaurants leave the hotels they reside in. High turnover inside hotels for some reason…

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