This Just In: FIRST and RATTLECAN Closed by Venetian

To everyone’s surprise but Eating Las Vegas’ the Venetian Hotel and Casino boarded up both Rattlecan and First Food & Bar last night….as well as The Act nightclub. Our sources tell us these closings occurred without notice to management or staff, and rumors are swirling about the reasons.

To our eyes and taste buds, Rattlecan was D.O.A.. It featured gimmicky, overwrought, poorly-executed burgers, a tagger/biker bar motif,*and abysmal service.

First Food & Bar hasn’t been good ever since Sammy DeMarco decided to expand his brand in other directions. (There’s a lesson in there for you empire-building chefs.)

Whatever the deal was is with The Act is anyone’s guess….but we at ELV feel would sorry for its Hot Chicks with Douchebags crowd IF it closed (which it hasn’t)….since they might be forced to “Get Caught in the Act” elsewhere.


* Al Mancini and his ilk consider the spray paintings on the walls at Rattlecan to be “art.” Then again, Al Mancini and his ilk all look like refugees from a biker bar.

8 thoughts on “This Just In: FIRST and RATTLECAN Closed by Venetian

  1. Just to correct this article: The Act Las Vegas, the club located at The Shoppes at The Palazzo has not closed.

  2. Thanks Keith. Correction has been noted in the text. ELV should stick with restaurants since he really doesn’t give a hoot about what happens to the nightclubs around here.

  3. Looks like their credibility is lacking anyways seeing as they post false statements about venues closing and can’t seem to correctly write a 6 sentence article. Grammatical errors do not impress me when published, take the time to care about your work.

  4. First Food and Bar had the best appetizers and cuisine by Sam De Marco. It is sad that it has closed. As far as the Rattlescan, gimmicks don’t work but good food does. Even then such as short life is surprising.

  5. If there’s one topic John is even less qualified to critique than food, it’s art. Of course, I’m not qualified either — which is why when I reviewed Rattlecan I brought an art expert with me. Perhaps if John would admit that some people know more than he does, he’d learn something from time to time.

  6. Rattlecan was pure garbage I was shocked how mediocre it was. First was good for about 3 months then also turned into shit. Sammy D is a clown. Jon is right the art was pathetic I’ve seen better looking walls in Compton. Looking forward for something good in venetian. Also what is the deal every restaurant in Venetian/Palazzo closing for food @ 11pm except the Chinese place which is pretty decent for shitty Chinese food. And Grand Lux which I wouldn’t eat either.

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