Hot Hostesses Watch – PINOT BRASSERIE

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Whatever “private event”  these two were hostessing at Pinot Brasserie mattered not to Eating Las Vegas. One look at their sign, and their bountiful amounts of professionalism, had him signing up faster than Al Mancini at a Suicide Girls website.

When ([politely) told he couldn’t attend the private function, he was undaunted (as well as unwilling to leave the hostess stand), and immediately made plans to return the next day for his first visit in over nine years!

To his pleasant surprise, he discovered that the beauty of this restaurant doesn’t end at said hostess stand. For his further ruminations on his meal, and the charms of the staff at this tried and true Venetian war horse, you will have to tune in later this week.

In the meantime, ELV’s newest protege will leave you to ruminate on the charms of Arpy* (l) and Angelia** (r).


* From Armenia

** From America (Las Vegas edition)

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