Hold On to Your Fedoras! EAT is Open!

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It officially opened late last week, but we cruised in today to catch the vibe of what is sure to be downtown’s newest hipster hotspot.

And who should march in the door mere minutes after we ordered, but Slapsie Maxie Jacobson and Al “Mad Man” Mancini:

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….much to Executive Chef Natalie Young‘s dismay.

Our convocation at this ├╝ber-cool spot was unplanned, but speaks to how much we three think of both the chef and the concept.

The design, by Craig Palacios, fits downtown to a tee:

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….and those beignets (and something called huevos motulenos):

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….were darn tasty….and a damned sight better than any other breakfast grub you’ll find in these environs.

Hummm….think about it: great design, a with-it vibe, really good food and a passionate, local chef….what could go wrong? Very little from where we’re sitting.

Go early and go often, before the fedora crowd ruins the joint. This place is gonna be huge.


707 Carson (at Seventh Street)

Las Vegas,, NV 89101



20 thoughts on “Hold On to Your Fedoras! EAT is Open!

  1. Thus far I have only tried the pancakes and they were fantastic along with the bacon. The pancakes themselves were fluffy and had an excellent texture to them. The iced tea I had to drink with it was also great. Can’t wait to go back again and try something else.

  2. I’ve been three times now – once for breakfast and twice for lunch. I loved the breakfast sandwich and my husband raved, uncharacteristically, about the chicken fried steak. Both lunches were great too.

  3. Is that ELV in the hat and SHORTS? Me thinks he needs to re-read some of his old etiquette rants. Is a sleeve of tats next? Nonetheless, nice gams, my man.

  4. I went for breakfast and it’s good. After reading this article, I took a look at their website. Together with the tattooed Chefs, I’m tired of these places already proclaiming what “culturally” they are: “we’re hip and locally purveyed this and then we are part of the community and we’re sustainable and cool and diversified ect ect”. and being downtown I’m surprised that Tony Hsieh wasn’t mentioned ( and his efforts to transform Downtown into his personal Frat House). Why can’t they just open and see what they are and what they become.
    Yep, the fedora’s are coming

  5. Thanks for the feed back Tom… We are just a small place trying to make good food for good people … thats all thats it …if you have any questions please feel free to ask ..Im at eat everyday all day.. by the way If you see Tony he is a lovely man , talk to him as well. Peace Chef Nat

  6. Glad to have been able to come by to show support on opening weekend for my friend, Chef Nat; the oatmeal was dee-lish, the coffee strong, the service good, but the prices were a little high for my wallet; however that’s just one woman’s opinion. I’m sure there are plenty of folks who won’t balk at a $7 bowl of oatmeal, and for them, this clean, airy, charming eatery will feel and taste just right. So what if they’re wearing fedoras; all God’s children gotta eat!

  7. Come on John, when was this posted, 2010? Fedoras are so over. It’s all about the pork pies and baggy beanies…

  8. Went there Monday and It was awesome. I’m so happy for Chef Nat and her crew. It’s the kind of place I would love to work in or open. It reminded me of a great breakfast place I might find in Seattle or San Francisco. A great addition to the Vegas culinary world.

  9. Chef Nat: I think you hit the nail on the head. The concept, menu and pricing is right for the new downtown economy, I think you have a winner given time. Looking forward to the day when you start to do dinner as well, thank you for being a true pioneer. You understood exactly what is needed for the future of downtown… more small chef driven concepts to appeal to the new urban dweller and business community, less Luna Rosa/Heart Attack Grills that take advantage of a subset of the tourist community. If all the hype is correct, then given time Downtown’s food community might someday become a cultural mecca that crosses over to tourism, our own unique version of Austin Texas, or the LES in NYC.

  10. Tattoos or no tattoos — fedora or baseball cap – we’re coming for breakfast Sunday morning! We need a good breakfast joint in LV – thanks for making the monumental effort Nat! And, yes, Tony & Zappos will soon be there soon – en masse – to enjoy the huevos!! kw

  11. Went there for lunch last week. The food was excellent – but expensive. A BLT and an iced tea worked out to $17 after tax and tip. I was really hoping for another affordable lunch spot downtown, like Le Thai, but Eat is not that place.

  12. $17 for a sit down lunch with tax and tip is VERY affordable unless you are used to getting a burger at Binions every day for lunch, then I would agree. Get used to it, $17 wil be the standard price of a cheep yet really good meal in the new downtown economy.

  13. -In theCards

    I’m sorry, but they have almost no lunch options for less than $10. Almost every other decent place downtown, including Le Thai, does.

    For people who don’t have a corporate expense account or can’t dine for free as a food critic, $17 for a BLT is expensive.

  14. Hey Joe —

    I paid for my two meals at EAT, as I do any time I write about a restaurant for Citylife. I persoanlly saw Max and Pierro pay for theirs. I don’t know for sure about John, but he’s never been shy about picking up a check. So please don’t make assumptions about critics not paying.

  15. Just an fyi no one eats for free at eat … I have bills to pay .. I try I get the best product I can .. thats it thats all …simple food made with great product , with love .. may not be for everyone .. but it will for someone… Peace Chef Nat

  16. Besides the fact that I love Chef Nat’s food, it’s great to see someone putting love into the downtown that they have lived in and loved for so long! The green chicken chile posole is amazing, think I’ll head over now!

  17. As with everything Nat, this was terrific, I loved everything about the place and will be back! Great food, service and setting, nothing more to say. GO!

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