KABUTO Up Klose on Wake Up With the Wagners

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In honor of Sushi Master Gen-san,* and Kabuto‘s being featured this morning on Wake Up With the Wagners, we thought a few more tasty snaps were in order…of the best damn sushi in town.

As usual, you’ll have to scroll down to the 30:00 minute mark of the following video (about a quarter of the way in), to hear us expound on the virtues of chirashizushi made the way it is in Tokyo, not Henderson.


5040 Spring Mountain Road #4

Las Vegas, NV 89146

702.676. 1044

Other places (mentioned this morning) where you can find great, classic sushi in Vegas:

I-NABA (which isn’t a sushi restaurant by any means, but whose battera (cured mackerel over sushi rice), is an elegant example of classic, edo-mae sushi)

3120 South Decatur Boulevard

Las Vegas, Nevada 89146



8480 W. Desert Inn #F1

Las Vegas, NV 89117



In the Aria Hotel and Casino


In the MGM Hotel and Casino


* Who graciously came to the studio at 5:30 am this morning to prepareĀ  the chirashizushi box seen on the program.

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