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He Was a Great Chef as Chefs Go and as Chefs Go He Went

This just in: Pascal Sanchez, Chef de Cuisine extraordinaire at Twist by Pierre Gagnaire, has left his post to return to France.

Gee Pascal…ELV can’t imagine why a talented soul like yourself would ever want to leave this place….

Was it our 112 degree summers?

The agriculture-challenged environment?

A complete lack of neighborhood food culture?

Our almost non-existent, bought-and-paid-for food journalism?

The corporate mendacity of the Strip?

Gosh…you mean you couldn’t adjust to all that?

Well…ELV for one, will miss you….and your avant garde execution of cuisine Français.

We’ll also miss you because you were a passionate and talented chef who could cook rings around most folks around here pretending to be such.

And because you were the first French-Mexican we ever met.


3 Responses to He Was a Great Chef as Chefs Go and as Chefs Go He Went

  • So bummed…enjoyed the best meal of my life at Twist. I hope it will not miss a beat.

  • Merci Monsieur Sancez. Merci de nous donner son art culinaire. Je vous souhaite tout le bien

  • I believe he’s opening his own restaurant back in France. Gagnaire is promoting a guy that’s been with him for well over a decade to run Twist. That team shouldn’t slip at all, hopefully!

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