He Was a Great Chef as Chefs Go and as Chefs Go He Went

This just in: Pascal Sanchez, Chef de Cuisine extraordinaire at Twist by Pierre Gagnaire, has left his post to return to France.

Gee Pascal…ELV can’t imagine why a talented soul like yourself would ever want to leave this place….

Was it our 112 degree summers?

The agriculture-challenged environment?

A complete lack of neighborhood food culture?

Our almost non-existent, bought-and-paid-for food journalism?

The corporate mendacity of the Strip?

Gosh…you mean you couldn’t adjust to all that?

Well…ELV for one, will miss you….and your avant garde execution of cuisine Fran├žais.

We’ll also miss you because you were a passionate and talented chef who could cook rings around most folks around here pretending to be such.

And because you were the first French-Mexican we ever met.


3 thoughts on “He Was a Great Chef as Chefs Go and as Chefs Go He Went

  1. So bummed…enjoyed the best meal of my life at Twist. I hope it will not miss a beat.

  2. Merci Monsieur Sancez. Merci de nous donner son art culinaire. Je vous souhaite tout le bien

  3. I believe he’s opening his own restaurant back in France. Gagnaire is promoting a guy that’s been with him for well over a decade to run Twist. That team shouldn’t slip at all, hopefully!

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