This Just In – MOMOFUKU Maybe?

This just in: Sources tell Eating Las Vegas that David Chang, of Momofuku fame, spent several days last week poking around The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino.

His stay included some serious discussions about potential spaces available in the hotel.

We remember talking with Cosmo Prez John Unwin (almost two years ago) about what a good fit Chang’s food would be there.

We also know that certain p.r. folks were seriously courting Chang to open shop at the Wynncore way back in 2008. These same folks, who have asked for anonymity but whose initials are Amy Rosetti, now perform their foodie good works at The Cosmo.

Coincidence? ELV thinks not.

Don’t be surprised to learn of a Momofuku, or a Ma PĂȘche or a Milk Bar concept coming soon to a certain 3rd floor, to appeal to the hipster/foodie in you.


7 thoughts on “This Just In – MOMOFUKU Maybe?

  1. Momofuku Ko would be great! But come on — the real reason they’re considering it is the possibility of a second restaurant with an er…umm…unusual reservation system.

  2. Chang was on the short wish list at Caesars Palace as well back in the day. And if his ramen is $16 a bowl in NYC what will it be when on Center Strip?

  3. I was looking over the menu of his NYC restaurant and don’t get he fried chicken thing. So, you can’t order it only in parties of 4 to 8? You have to have pre order the chicken and create a secret chicken passworded account? Lol…..I guess I’ll just go to Blue Ribbon.

  4. @marymary The chicken dinner is two whole chickens, and it’s prepared in advance which is why one must make a reservation for it. It feeds 4 to 8 people, and it’s a hell of a bargain at $100. Noodle Bar only serves it early in the evening and late at night; I’m guessing it’s their way of filling tables in the restaurant during their off-hours. I’ve done the chicken dinner twice and it is spectacular. Easily the best fried chicken I’ve ever had, despite the hassle getting in. Reservations are very hard to come by; they fill up quick.

    The “secret chicken password” is just the user name/login that one uses to make reservations at all of Chang’s restaurants. Not that big of a deal.

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