Eat This Now – CJ’s Vanilla Custard

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On this, the first day of the year when the mercury tops 100 degrees, we at ELV can think of nothing better than cooling off with an uncommonly smooth, vanilla-rich, satin-like frozen custard from the just-opened CJ’s Italian Ice & Custard on South Durango.

Purists may blanch at the use of additives to flavor the custard (you order either vanilla, chocolate or a “swirl” of the two, and the multitude of flavors are blended in after you order), but there’s no denying the silkiness and intensity of the plain vanilla, or the tanginess of the tangerine ice parked underneath the sundae pictured above.

The whole shootin’ match cost $3.45, and was more than enough to satisfy two sweet tooths.

Just thought you’d like to beat the heat.


3555 South Durango Dr.

Las Vegas, NV 89147


2 thoughts on “Eat This Now – CJ’s Vanilla Custard

  1. I’m from NYC, and just tried CJ’s last week, they have the best Italian Ice in The Valley.

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