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Tasty Snap

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Isn’t this one of the tastiest looking crab cakes you’ve ever seem?

We thought so too.

And it tastes as good as it looks.

According to Executive Chef David Middleton: “It is a blue crab,  bell pepper, and citrus crab cake. served with a roasted tomato and horseradish aioli and a salad coasting of shaved asparagus, carrot, and fennel tossed in a lemon vinaigrette . The dish is finished with a drizzle of mint oil.” His sous chef John Courtney tells us the secret is involves a technique of binding the cake with a piquant mayonnaise — a technique he picked up at RM Seafood.

However it’s made, it is the consummate way to consume this crustacean, and one delightful way to spring into Spring.

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2620 Regatta Drive.

Las Vegas, NV89128


5 Responses to Tasty Snap

  • I did not need to see this before dinner. Looks delicious!

  • While I certainly respect your culinary expertise and rely on it whenever I am in the city, I have to strongly disagree with your take on crab cakes. There is not even jumbo lump crap meat in this! From a native to the Baltimore area: mint, bell pepper, and citrus should be foreign ingredients to the bluecrab. Just the right amount of old bay, horseradish, and mayo should instead be featured.

  • I love this place!!! Great food and wine.

  • Too right, Grant C. Plus, look at all that fill. If you dress up a blue crab cake too much, you ruin it. Just use lots of the best meat and as little fill as possible to loosely hold the lumps together. On that order, Crab Corner (Flamingo and Eastern) has a good Chesapeake Bay-style crab cake. Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crabs inside the Forum Shops has really good (though not strictly Baltimore-style) crab cakes, too.

  • Gentleman. The only crab to put in a crab cake is Dungeness……

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