Eat This Now – Lunch at COUNTRY CLUB GRILL

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To where does one repair for lunch after drinking extremely rare, vintage champagnes all morning? Why, to a table for one at the very same Country Club Grill where he started quaffing the over-the-top wines at 10:00 am, of course!

There, Chef Carlos Guia soothed our buzz with a Creole-crusted slices of yellowfin tuna with shaved vegetables over a sesame-ginger emulsion, followed by one of Vegas’ most definitive crab cakes served with a sauce ravigote (the name means “invigorate”), that is sort of like a remoulade with more serious intentions. Accompanying everything was what remains one of Vegas’ best bread baskets. Chefs may come and go at the Wynn/Encore, but the in-house bakery here still puts out some mighty toothsome carbohydrates.

FYI: Guia is one of the coordinating chefs of this years TASTE OF THE NATION event being held next Thursday at the Rain Nightclub in the Palms Casino Resort. Tickets are $75, and the lineup of restaurants — from American Fish to Wazuzu — is plenty impressive and a mighty tasty way to fill your belly and assuage your conscience, while you’re helping fight the hunger that continues to grip our nation.

“No Kid Hungry” is TOTN’s slogan, and by buying a ticket, you’ll be doing your small part to make sure some child in Nevada has enough to eat.

Be there or be Three Square!


At the Wynn Hotel and Casino

3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


The Smiths Give ELV the Crabs

The secret to eating crabs is to remove the shell from the meat, not the meat from the shell. – John Mathew Smith (Wine executive, Burgundy lover, crab junkie)

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If you think meat is murder, then ELV suggests gettin’ crabby at Crab Corner. If you’re lucky, John and Irene Smith, formerly of Wilmington (Delaware, not North Carolina) will be there to give you a lesson in carefully calibrated, coordinated and creative crab cracking.

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