BONJOUR BAKERY on Wake Up With the Wagners

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For our dinero, no one in town does a better croissant or palmier — both of which begin as crumbly, flaky shards, and then magically end in melted, buttery richness on the tongue.

The above tasty snap is of the spread we laid out this morning for our weekly gig on Channel 3.  You’ve never seen a cast and crew fly to a table faster than they did at the commercial break.

Corsican Gerard Fabiani puts out these beauties every day in his (almost) hidden little bakery on south Rainbow, as has been doing so for seven years.

If you are a lover of great pastries and haven’t been, you are truly missing something.


4012 South Rainbow Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89103


7 thoughts on “BONJOUR BAKERY on Wake Up With the Wagners

  1. I am a quality over quantity person.

    Pastries in most bakeries are too big …
    Over proofed …
    The size turns my stomach ..

    That palmier this morning was the size of your big legal head …
    Sorry .. but .. yuk.

  2. Trudy, some time ago man invented something called a “knife,” which can be used to slice large items into smaller pieces, thus alleviating the “too much of a good thing” problem :)

    Bonjour is quality AND quantity. (I only wish their amazing macarons were also as big as that palmier!) They are a fine small, local business ~ nothing there qualifies as “yuk” by a long shot.

  3. This joint is highly overrated. The owners and help are not very friendly. The other foods suck too. Another one, that really blows is ,the German Bakery in Sun City. Filthy and not much product!

  4. Been going there for years intermittently… Why intermittently ? Because the help is terrible. There is a skinny, dark haired, olive skinned French Speaking girl there who is downright mean. I do not jest. One time, my wife ordered a custom cake for my birthday from there and when she picked it up, it was frozen. The above mentioned help shrugged her shoulders and walked away. She couldn’t care less. My wife was speechless, but we let it thaw out and had the cake the next day. That is only one example of the usual behavior one encounters there. Yes, the pastries are good, but I don’t want to walk the minefield to get them.

  5. I too must echo the above comments regarding the lack of interest and helpfulness by the staff at this establishment. The bake good are good but not great. What I have discovered is a delightful French Bakery called Manon Bakery located behind Roy’s on West Charleston Blvd. Wonderful baked goods and nice lunch menu ( The french onion soup is terrific).

  6. ELV responds: As much as we love Manon (and have covered it extensively in the past), its croissant and palmiers aren’t in the same league as Bonjour’s.

    We have also experienced indifferent (never rude) service at Bonjour, so perhaps these comments and the renewed interest in the place will cause Fabiani and his troops to up their game.

    As usual, merci to all of the commenters for caring enough to write.

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