The $27 Strip at CAPITAL GRILLE is a Flat Out Steal

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Why do we say the $27 strip steak, on the lunch menu at Capital Grille, is a flat out steal?

We say it’s a steal because it is:

1) 14 ounces;

2) dry-aged;

3) seasoned properly;

4) seared to perfection as the steakhouses like to say (which really means the Maillard reaction was properly monitored over a high heat grill);

4) as juicy and beefy as a sirloin can get.

And finally,  the main reason it’s  the best strip deal on the Strip is because:

5) the same superior slices of steak succulence costs twenty bucks more at dinner!

Other reasons to love a lunch at CG are those pan-fried calamari with hot cherry peppers, the best creamed spinach of any chain steakhouse in town, and crackerjack service that makes it just about perfect for a business lunch….especially when business is conducted over a sassy bottle of $45 Byron pinot noir — a light and fruity central Cali-coast-er that goes perfectly with a slab of prime, aged steer muscle.

Add it all up and you have our favorite franchised beef emporium in our humble burg. One, by the way, where we’ve eaten a dozen times and never once been comped or recognized.

Our lunch pour deux was picked up by our über-foodie friend Jennifer Curland. Gracias, über-foodie friend Jennifer!


In the Fashion Show Mall

3200 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


5 thoughts on “The $27 Strip at CAPITAL GRILLE is a Flat Out Steal

  1. Chef Sacco takes a Steak House and transforms it into one of the best dining experinces in town!!

  2. Some chains like Ruth’s Chris are the same everywhere. Some like Capital Grill are different in different markets. In Philadelphia, the Capital Grill nails the steaks as well. Thanks for the write-up. It looks really good for the “budget” cut at most places.

  3. I enjoy CG very much as well (for lunch). The bone-in strip is quite the deal as is the summertime $10 bottomless glass wine tasting. I wish they used prime beef however instead of choice, though I realize the prices would reflect the same.

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