The Year in Food History – 1912

Everyone’s talking about Oreo’s 100th anniversary these days:

….but we thought you’d also like to know that, 100 years ago, Morton Table Salt:

…was introduced in a blue and white, asphalt-laminated paper canister with an aluminum pouring spout; and,

Hellmann’s mayonnaise:

…began when a New York deli operator — Richard Hellmann at 490 Columbus Avenue, decided to begin packing the product in individual glass jars instead of ladling out portions and selling it by weight. By 1927, gave up the deli business to concentrate on manufacturing his emulsion in Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas and Tampa.

Source: The Food Chronology, James Trager, 1995, Henry Holt and Company

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  1. Monday, March 5, 1912, from the Spokesman-Review, (Spokane, WA),-
    “The Humane Society of Spokane has been asked to launch a “campaign of kindness” in favor of the lowly oyster, which is “ruthlessly torn from its shell and eaten alive.”

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