Is Healthy Eating Possible in Las Vegas?

Asking ELV about healthy eating is like asking Lindsay Lohan about sobriety.

It’s like asking Mickey Rooney about marriage…or Michael Vick about dog breeding…or Pete Rose about dignity.

Nevertheless, Brian Champlin at interviewed us recently about where to find the best vegan and vegetarian food in town, along with asking us the 64 pound question: Do tourists to Las Vegas really care about eating healthy?

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7 thoughts on “Is Healthy Eating Possible in Las Vegas?

  1. I hope you mentioned that the Red Velvet Cafe is now in Fashion Show mall, very convenient.
    Then there’s the chopped salad at I Love Burgers, one of the best $6 salads I’ve ever had… Then there’s Wynn resort of course… oh, wait, maybe I should just mention there’s a list of Veggie-friendly places in Restaurants In Las Vegas: The Best For Less
    (how shameless of me)

  2. I guess I don’t understand why when someone asks what is healthy in Vegas you would respond with vegetarian/vegan establishments.

    Most of these people live off of french fries and melted cheese, and lots of other similar carbs. None of that is very healthy.

    Also, many of the staples of a vegetarian/vegan diet is highly processed and unnatural, such as faux meat, tofu, and soy milk.

    There are better places to recommend that serve lean meats and foods that are low glycemic, maybe like Raku, Bread and Butter, Canyon Ranch Grill, Greens and Proteins, Shabu Shabu Paradise, etc.

  3. Tricia: Most vegetarians and vegans don’t live off of french fries and cheese. Tofu and soy milk aren’t unnatural. Asian cultures have been making/eating those things for centuries.

  4. Hi John,

    Do you do public speaking appearances for small groups (20-25)? I host a monthly luncheon for a group of ladies that have requested you speak at one of luncheons.


  5. We are moving out of Las Vegas because of the unhealthy dining out options. Las Vegas desperately needs a True Food by Fox Restaurant Concepts to get the clean food ball rolling in this town. I even wrote to Fox to open next door to Whole Foods — instead we are getting a Container Store. Red Velvet and Canyon Ranch (CR-horrible quality/service) Cafes are not really clean eating. Probably the best we’ve had in Vegas is Society at Encore – organic green juice (freshly juiced), quality organic, raw, vegan and vegetarian options. Wynn offers clean eating done right — to the point where you know that glass straws are on the way. They also have amazing gluten-free breads that are not published on the menu (ask). Outside of that the pickings for clean food restaurants are very slim.

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