Eat This Now – Artichokes at BAR + BISTRO

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Any resemblance to the male sex organ notwithstanding, these deep-fried thistles at Bar + Bistro are a pleasure to bite into.

Stiff and soft (yes, we said “stiff and soft”), they are also slick and savory…just the thing to roll around your mouth when you’re hankerin’ for some seminal, vegetal goodness.

Yes, we said “seminal, vegetal goodness.”

They’re also vegan, by the way, and Executive Chef Beni Velázquez had the great idea with pairing them a hot and sweet chili sauce to give those creamy, turgid, angiosperms just the right amount of eruptive, lip-licking satisfaction.

You heard right, we said “turgid, creamy, eruptive angiosperms.”

Best of all, they only cost $6.

Just thought you’d like to fantasize.


107 East Charleston Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89104