Au Revoir Franck Savoy

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S’il vous plaît être informé que Mon. Franck Savoy, Directeur des Restaurants à Caesars Palace va quitter Las Vegas cette semaine et le déplacement à New York, où il deviendra le directeur de la nourriture et des boissons pour l’Hôtel Four Seasons.

Chacun d’entre nous à manger Las Vegas souhaite que lui et sa belle fiancée Leigh bonne chance et tout le meilleur. Las Vegas sera un endroit plus pauvre sans eux.

S’il vous plaît être également informé que Restaurant Guy Savoy à Caesars Palace a connu sa meilleure année à ce jour en 2011, et attend avec impatience un autre cinq ans (au moins) desservant la cuisine française supérieure à ceux qui apprécient la meilleure nourriture dans le monde.


Please be advised that Mr. Franck Savoy, Director of Restaurants at Caesars Palace, will be leaving Las Vegas this week and moving to New York City, where he will become the director of food and beverage for the Four Seasons Hotel.

All of us at Eating Las Vegas wish he and his lovely bride Leigh good luck and all the best. Las Vegas will be a poorer place without them.

Please be also advised that Restaurant Guy Savoy in Caesars Palace had its best year ever in 2011, and looks forward to another five years (at least) serving superior French food to those who appreciate the best in the world.


As for the meal pictured above, calling the food flawless would be something of an understatement.

The tasty snaps were taken at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, after the cocktail/cake farewell party at Caesars for the Savoys last week. We know that taking a Frenchman to a French restaurant seems like taking coals to Newcastle, but we at ELV thought Franck needed to say au revoir to some of his fellow frogmen, and, before we knew it, all that jabbering en Français got us craving French fries made by actual Frenchmen

If you’ve never had them, there are no better spuds in the world than those crinkle-cut beauties — full of potato flavor, crispy and creamy all at once with just the right amount of salt. If it were up to Eating Las Vegas, Robuchon would have a goddamned stand right in between his two restaurants (ARE YOU LISTENING TO US JOËL!), serving nothing but these wavy wonders in paper cones to every diner and casino patron who strolls by.

Yeah, they’re that good.

We don’t know if steak tartare gets any better than their version (made with hanger steak, no less) either, just as the breads and desserts were the usual ne plus ultra selections that come out of this kitchen.

ELV thinks if you combined the mini-wagyu sliders (served on silver skewers, no less) of Savoy with the fries of Robuchon, you’d have the perfect burger platter.

And if that ain’t enough excellence for you, just look at the salad. Have you ever seen a prettier composition of vegetables in a restaurant?

As for the cost, all we can say is: anytime a guy named Savoy eats at a guy named Robuchon’s restaurant (or vice versa), no one pays for anything.


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