Eat This Now – Lunch at CAFE de JAPON

ELV is a sucker for curried anything, but he has a special affinity for the delicacy of Japanese ones. These lightly fried, curried oysters at Cafe de Japon — .sitting in a light, cucumber sauce (reminiscent of an airy green goddess dressing) — were so good they brought tears to our eyes.:

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Not far behind them was this snapper sashimi with ground shiso leaf:

[imagebrowser id=1576]

..followed by this pristine plate of pork belly with puff pastry:

[imagebrowser id=1577]

…each course a lesson in subtlety and lightness, ideal for a mid-day repast.

Not to be undone in the dessert department, Kiichi-san sent out a plate of dense, crumbly, almost bitter chocolate nuggets atop whipped cream studded with chestnuts:

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…the whole meal, a study in the deceptive simplicity for which the Japanese are famous.

The food here is so good, there should be a line out the door.

It is also remarkably well-priced, e.g. our three courses (with two, fresh made yuzu sodas) came to $28.

Just thought you’d like to know.


5300 Spring Mountain Road #101

Las Vegas, NV 89146


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  1. I love Cafe de Japon. It’s one of the best Japanese cuisine addition to Vegas in recent years that nobody knows about…..that I hope stays that way….but want them to get busy enough to stay in business…..

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