What Type of Pasta is on Your Plate?

What kind of pasta is on my plate?
What kind of pasta is on your plate? by Charming Italy

Parsing pasta can be tougher than deciphering a North Korean press release. Sure you have your basic spaghettis, linguines and raviolis, but once you enter the world of picis, bavettes and bugatis, you’ll find yourself more lost than a hungry Hasidic at a Tennessee pig pickin’.

You’ll have to click on the above graphic to get a good view, but this is the most charming and educational format we’ve seen for explaining the dizzying array that can confront a diner. Some authorities claim there are more than 600 different shapes in Italy….but we at ELV are content to stay with the most popular ones…until some chef comes along and blows us away with a campanelle or a gomiti with peanuts.

Molto grazie to Mary Borden for first posting this graphic on Facebook, and alerting us to it.

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  1. I haven’t decided if you are the King of Cliches, or the Regent of Ridiculous Racial References. Hungry Hasidic indeed. Don’t you have a tasty snap of one hanging about in our humble burg? And let’s face it, WHO DOESN”T???

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