RADIO CITY PIZZA – Pie Insipidity

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We have good friends who are crazy about this place.

It’s even gotten some good write ups.

And far be it from us to want anything in Tivoli Village to be anything less than supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

But anyone who thinks this pizza even comes close to Settebello, Grimaldi’s. Due Forni or Metro has durum wheat on the brain and mortadella for a tongue.

The culprit: an insipid crust that makes WonderBread taste like San Francisco sourdough.

Which causes ELV to ask: don’t these people check out the competition before they open? Or are they so clueless (or so convinced of their own fabulousness) that they don’t bother?

Or don’t bother to learn anything if they do.

On the plus side, our two slices and a soda only came to ten bucks…so there’s that.


In Tivoli Village Shopping Center

410 South Rampart Dr.

Las Vegas, NV 89145


14 thoughts on “RADIO CITY PIZZA – Pie Insipidity

  1. I found it entirely satisfactory for filling my gullet in the moment, and I wouldn’t not eat there again if I found myself stranded in Tivoli ever again (chances of that = slim), but I want to know who these people comparing it to Settebello or Grimaldi’s are … so I can avoid them.

  2. I wish you would have posted this before last Saturday. It was actually better the next day after heating it up on a skillet. Red Rock Pizza and Due Forni are better choices on the WestSide (which we all know, is the BestSide).

  3. Be sure to check out Dom DeMarco’s once it’s up and running. It’s in Boca Park and just did their first soft opening last night. So give it a couple of weeks to find its way then bring your appetite!

  4. I’m not a local and usually eat where we stay, somewhere the strip. What’s the best pizza near the strip?

  5. I want to know how you can compare Settebello, Dui Forne, and Girmaldi’s to Radio City Pizzeria when it’s a completely different style pizzeria.


  6. ELV responds: We were eating different “styles” of pizza before many of you knew what a marinara sauce is. A lousy crust is a lousy crust. And by-the-numbers toppings are by-the-numbers toppings. We thought our criticism of RC would bring its supporters out of the woodwork, but their silence has been most revealing.

    It’s not hard to make pizza great, but it takes time and commitment to making your crust and your toppings special. The owners of RC are content with mediocrity and we’ll leave them (and their customers) to their enjoyment of same.

  7. In reply to post #3:

    Hey there Ken, I stopped at Dom Demarco’s this afternoon as I happened to be in the area and it was lunch time. I think you called it right as to perhaps wait a couple of weeks to “find it’s way”.

    I got there just before 1 pm and the place was just about full, although shortly after 1 it seemed that a lot of folks had to go back to work and soon the place was only about 1/3rd full. I had a simple lunch of a small Napoli pizza and a beer. Not sure if there was something wrong in the kitchen, but there was at least a half hour wait between when I ordered and when the pizza finally arrived. During the wait my server came to apologize for the delay, and then about 10 minutes later one of the managers did the same.

    When the pizza finally arrived it was lukewarm (at best) in temperature. In fact I’d almost call it cold. I’d figured after the wait it would be coming right out of the oven piping hot but that certainly wasn’t the case. Aside from the temperature, the pizza was tasty and was obviously made with good ingredients. The crust had a nice char without being overdone, the crushed tomato sauce was tangy and the spinach was fresh.

    Overall I’ll be giving Dom Demarco’s another try as it shows potential, but will wait a bit to let them iron out the kinks.

  8. Mr. Curtas,

    What is your ideal pizzeria then ? If you had to open a pizza place how would yours differ from what’s already out there ?


  9. ELV responds: Take Pepe’s in New Haven, mix in a little John’s of Bleecker Street, add a dash of Regina’s (of Boston) and a soupcon of Lombardi’s….and you’ll get the idea. A great crust is a must…properly charred and crispy-yet-chewy…topped with good (they don’t have to be great – superbly fresh burrata or bufala mozz has no business on a pizza) ingredients. Despite many naysayers, ELV also believes a great pizza oven has to be wood or coal fired.

  10. So would that make your opinion of Radio City biased considering they don’t even use the type of ovens you prefer ? Nor does it sound like their style is even close to the list of all your favorites ?
    I think you should re-evaluate Radio City, and if you value your friends opinion maybe you should be a little more opened minded and give it another try because I’m a huge fan.


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