RAKU Haiku (why didn’t we think of this?)

ELV note: Chris Shen from Henderson weighs in on Yelp with this fine and funny haiku review* of Raku! Read it here in its original Yelp-er format or continue scrolling below. Perhaps we wouldn’t be so hard on Yelp if people were this clever and conscientious with their reviews…(re-printed with permission).


Finally had the opportunity to bust my Raku cherry with three friends visiting from out of town, and when you have a group of folks walk in with no appetite from a heavy late lunch and still managed to complete a meal with their taste buds completely blown away, it is clearly a sign of just pure amazing food.  We had a taste of a few items from each section (appetizers, robata grill, and noodles/rice/soups), and can hardly wait to return for more.  I was so inspired that I composed a Raku Haiku for each of our selections:

“Sashimi Salad”
Fresh slice of the sea
Deep-fried onions paired with greens
Perfect start to meal

“Agedashi Tofu”
House made soybean dream
Amazing broth, chili, roe
Ten dollars well spent

“Apple Marinated Lamb Chop”
Succulent two chops
Aromatically juicy
No shame to gnaw bone

“Soboro Don- Seasoned Ground Chicken”
Quail yolk atop rice
Mix ingredients and share
Comfort food at its best

“Grilled rice ball”
Two nuggets of art
Fragrant mint countervailed with crunch
Complements all meats

Crispy rice coating
Perfect balance in texture
Veggie laced with crack

“Kobe beef skirt steak”
Ribeye pales to you
Where have you been all my life?
Melt in your mouth joy

“Pork Cheek”
Bacon’s lost cousin
I feel guilty eating this…
Yet I cannot stop


* Why didn’t we think of this? Since we spend a lot of time composing (bad) haiku on Facebook? The answer is: Because we waste a lot of time composing (bad) haiku on FB, and didn’t want to expose readers to anymore of ELV’s dark side(s) than we already do. As much as we bash Yelp (and Yelpers) we consider Mr. Sen’s beating us to the haiku punch to be poetic justice.

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  1. “Miso Tsunami”
    Plinky’s Mom loved it.
    She went home, aired out, released
    Her gasses and snored.

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