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It’s Bigger and Better Than Ever!

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EATING LAS VEGAS – The Fifty Essential Restaurants (2012) gets its big reveal at a media launch party this evening at Restaurant Guy Savoy, and then another one at the Top of the World restaurant on Wednesday night.

More restaurants. More reviews. More vetoes. More steakhouses (to Mancini’s chagrin). More bitching, carping and sniping — plus better graphics — make this a more comprehensive and fun-to-read jaunt through the best of Las Vegas’ food scene.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wade through the pedantic and paltry prose of others before you can savor the bounty of ELV’s  bon mots, but that’s the price you have to pay to be in the presence of his omniscience.

To purchase unlimited copies at the low, low introductory rate of $9.72 (plus only a $3 shipping charge) call 1.800.244.2224, or click here for details.

And don’t forget: It makes a great stocking stuffer!

9 Responses to It’s Bigger and Better Than Ever!

  • Congratulations John, Al and Max. (In no particular order as the billing on the marquee is a whole separate discussion).

    Those of us who crave your Las Vegas dining reviews couldn’t be more proud, and intrigued, by the debut of the 2012 Edition of Eating Las Vegas. Rest assured that we will flock back to Clark County to see if our tastebuds agree with your informed palates. And trust me, I would rather be joining you in the celebrations this week than be confined to the corporate world, but duty, (albeit not preferrable), keeps me home.

  • When can I buy this at my local Barnes and Noble? I want it NOW!

  • I am curious which restaurant will replace Alex among the top 10 selections? I think Milos is included in the top 10. I think BARMASA is out of the top 10 and Carnevino is in the top 10.

  • What is the ship date for those of us who pre-ordered?

  • ELV responds: @TRH, it is shipping today….you should have it soon.

    @Gary O: Top 10 will be revealed at 6:00 tonight! We will post it on this website immediately thereafter.

  • Thanks!!! I am excited to see the Top 10!!!

  • Ordered the book! Can’t wait to read it!

  • Thanks. PO delivered the books today.

  • “Why Oh Why?” do you allow the media to print the entire listings? Methinks there’s less reason to purchase now. Surely some embargo in exchange for an invite to the event might do it. Plot spoiling of this magnitude would not be permitted if they were reviewing any other book or movie.

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