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(Almanzo) felt a little better when he sat down with Sunday dinner. Mother sliced the hot rye’ n’ injun bread on the bread-board by her plate. Father’s spoon cut deep into the chicken pie, he scooped out big pieces of thick crust and turned up their fully yellow under-sides on the plate. He pour gravy over them; he dipped up big piece of tender chicken, dark meat and white meat sliding from the bones. He handed a mound of baked beans and topped it with a quivering slice of fat pork. At the edge of the plate he piled dark-red beet pickles. He handed the plate to Almanzo. Silently, Almanzo ate it all. Then he ate a piece of pumpkin pie, and he felt very full inside. But he still ate a piece of apple pie with cheese. – Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Gluttony is the most visible vice. – ELV

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