Disturbing Food Song That Gives You an Idea Where ELV Will Be Lunching This Weekend

ELV note: We’ve heard this song a hundred times over the decades, and it’s in heavy rotation among our shower standards. (ELV’s falsetto is world famous….among those who have heard him sing in the shower.) Besides the title and subject matter, the tune is notable for two reasons: 1) ELV always thought The Newbeats were black; and, 2) He always thought the lead singer (despite the lyrics) was a woman. Thus is he now as confused as the girls listening at 1:16 in the video.

1 thought on “Disturbing Food Song That Gives You an Idea Where ELV Will Be Lunching This Weekend

  1. Gotta be somewhere around my high school years. You’re right his voice is a surprise coming out of him. Saw Frankie Vallee last night so really enjoyed this addition to the weekend. I was so happy to find Bread and Butter landed in my neighborhood. The one thing I was really hoping for, however, has not made an appearance. The Bouchon Bakery outside the Phantom theater had some little balls of dough filled with REAL raspberry jam (like the “real jelly” doughnuts that were also a part of the ’50s). I don’t remember what they call them, but I tried the beignets at Bread and Butter (actually from the Lulu truck, which was outside recently) and there was no jam involved. It was just dough fried freeform. It appears I’ll have to go back to the Venetian BEFORE 9am if I have any hope at all–and take the chance they’ll have them. B&B can’t deep fry, yet. But I’m begging here.

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