T-BONES – Flaming Fern Bar Fun

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T-Bones looks like the architect got lost in a book of bad 70s design concepts and never found his way out.

It puts us in mind of a fern bar on steroids…minus the ferns…overwhelming you with stainless steel, brass and glass that serve no purpose other than to overwhelm you with steel, brass and glass. (Not to mention the flaming fire wall!)

If it was in New York, there’s no doubt Jeffrey Chodorow would be behind it.

As it is, it’s in Vegas, in a nice (if bankrupt) casino.

The good news is: the steaks are dry-aged and pretty darn tasty. They had better be since they cost about the same as prime beef on the Strip. ($50 for a perfectly cooked K.C. strip steak)

Equally good: the charred sweet corn ($10) and bacon-blue cheese iceberg wedge ($12).

Equally bad: a service blunder that had a waitron taking an order for one craft beer, then coming to the table with a open bottle of Arrogant Bastard Ale and saying: “We were out of what you ordered, but thought you’d like this.”

Wait. What?

If you’ve ever had an Arrogant Bastard, you know it is a severe, strong, bitter and slightly sweet brew that is not for the timid.

Any waitron that would substitute it for another ale is ignorant in the extreme about brewskis.

Any manager who would let them do so needs to go to beer school.

Aside from that glitch, the meal came off without a hitch.

Look past the dated decor and only on your plate and you won’t be disappointed.

And order your beer very, very carefully around here.

Our dinner for two was picked up by über-accountant Bruce Bloch. Thanks über-accountant Bruce!


In the Red Rock Resort and Casino

11011 West Charleston Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89135




ELV note: Because we were in the middle of a conversation, we accepted and paid for the big Bastard bottle. If what @Joe says in the comments is true, we were truly hustled. In the old Red Rock this would have been a surprise; in a casino fighting bankruptcy, perhaps we should’ve expected such a bastardized bum rush. Or perhaps, they just knew our personality (see below).

6 thoughts on “T-BONES – Flaming Fern Bar Fun

  1. I’m quite confident they weren’t actually out of the beer that was ordered, and that the server knew exactly what they were doing when they presented you with an Arrogant Bastard.

  2. Hustled? If what (other) Joe says in his comment is true, you weren’t hustled, you were (accurately) pegged!

  3. I would be deeply saddened if what Joe’s 1&2 say is true. However, I must admit that being brought a yet to be accepted bottle of beer already opened was a first for me. Sadly, I don’t remember what I originally ordered so I don’t know if the AB was an upcharge. I do know, getting back to the point of John’s review, that it was far afield from an AB and if someone is going to suggest an alternative, even an upcharged one, they should have understood the huge difference in the two and suggested something closer in style to one ordered.

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  5. Arrogant Bastard is a great beer to pair with steak and the charred corn and blue cheese. It’s smoky, yeasty and has a nice boozy (but not too boozy) cask-aged finish. So price and all other things aside, your server probably did you a favor!

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