Happy Labor Day from Hot Hostess Tiffani

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Tiffani labors hard at her perch at the hostess stand at the Sugar Factory, making sure you don’t have to in getting seated and enjoying some of the best people watching in town:

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The “best” in this case doesn’t necessarily mean the most pleasant, but it can be educational for those who pay attention. For instance, in less than an hour outside of the Paris hotel, ELV learned many valuable life lessons, including:

> Grown men shouldn’t wear shorts anywhere but the beach or backyard;

> Cargo shorts don’t look good on anyone over the age of six; and,

> There ought to be a law against anyone of the male persuasion ever putting on a pair of pedal pushers.

Some of the sights were almost enough to make us re-think dinner, which would’ve been a shame, since we otherwise enjoyed our al fresco repast beside Sugar Factory’s outdoor railing.

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Our shrimp cocktail was a big ‘un, with a snappy cocktail sauce; the Cobb salad serviceable; and the patty melt not the best we’ve ever had, but hardly the worst either. Topping it all off was a vanilla malt (with extra malt, natch) that might be the gold standard for one of our favorite, creamy libations.

It’s a good thing they all tasted so good…because being surrounded by that much bad taste could make anyone lose their appetite.

ELV’s dinner for two came to $75.


In the Paris Hotel and Casino

3655 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109



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