Don’t Eat This Now – Hawaiian Food

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Is Hawaiian food a bad joke or what?

It’s cheap, we’ll give you that (the above plate came to nine bucks), and  filling (we weren’t hungry for 24 hours), but they don’t know what a green vegetable looks like, and are so in love with salt, shitty meat and carbohydrates, it must give their indoor plumbing fits.

ELV has tried Kahlua pig in a number of spots around town and always found it to be the same — mushy, slightly smoky pig smothered in sodium chloride. So, rather than insult a single restaurant for their version, he thought it best to post a single picture and insult an entire state instead.

That is all.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Eat This Now – Hawaiian Food

  1. The only place in Vegas that has decent Kahlua Pig and Cabbage is Aloha Specialties in the California Casino. Then again, they also have the most authentic and tasty Hawaiian cuisine in the valley.

  2. Call me Kaylani and call me a cab just get me away from that Poi.
    Kisses Y’all.

  3. Can you please stop generalizing about Hawaiian food, and stop calling the crappy food you’ve been eating “Hawaiian” food. I wouldn’t call french fries from McDonald’s “French food” or even “American food” and I wouldn’t call Taco Bell “Mexican Food.” Vegas doesn’t really have Hawaiian food

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