Paul Liebrandt at CORTON

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Paul Liebrandt, the enfant terrible of New York’s haute cuisine scene got his close-up on an HBO special earlier this summer. If you’re a fan of high-flying French food, molecular gastronomy, or great restaurant cooking (and restaurant gossip in general), you owe it to yourself to watch this documentary — filmed over an eight year span of his (still young) career.

Having eaten Liebrandt’s food several times in a couple of venues over that time span, we were fascinated by what makes him tick. Liebrandt is arguably, one of the most artistic/creative chefs in the world (chocolate covered scallops anyone?). We at ELV enjoyed the documentary and really enjoyed dinner at Corton last month.

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(Why wouldn’t we? He’s an acolyte of Pierre Gagnaire, and Gagnaire-ean touches abounded on the menu.)

Here are a few tasty snaps of one, memorable meal. The picture quality is a bit muted since the staff asked us not to use flash, but even with that, you can almost taste the smoked caramel with brown butter crumble — a dessert so good, Carême probably sat up in his grave and saluted when it first came off the line :

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The seven course prix fixe menu pictured above was $115. A longer degustation is available for $135/per.


239 West Broadway

New York, NY 10013


6 thoughts on “Paul Liebrandt at CORTON

  1. Were there 25 portions/person. Seems too proud of their food.

    I myself would prefer a trip to Bryant’s bbq in KC.

  2. Leaving full is not a problem at Corton. There is plenty of food and all of it exquisite. There is nothing wrong with “good filling food,” but Liebrandt’s artistry is something else. Glad you made it there, John.

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