BON BREADS Store Opens at Town Square

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Hear yee, Hear yee! Bon Breads — the Las Vegas baker whose superior breads have previously only been available at great restaurants in Las Vegas — is now available retail!

Three days ago, they opened in a tiny (263 square feet) space in the Town Square Mall, so now those bountiful batard, krazy kalamata, fabulous feta, wonderful white chocolate, crave-worthy cranberry…not to mention ridiculously fresh rolls…championship ciabatta…and the best friggin’ baguette in town…can now be yours without going out to eat.

There’s no sign yet, and Eating Las Vegas is trying to get the proper address and phone number as he’s writing these words, but for now all he can tell you is to go to the Yard House, enjoy a tasty brew (or two), upon leaving take an immediate right, then another immediate right, and then look down a short corridor for a cute little bicycle loaded with loaves. Go in and go nuts. It’s the best bread Las Vegas has ever seen….or tasted.


In the Town Square Mall

6605 Las Vegas Boulevard South Suite 123

Las Vegas, NV


16 thoughts on “BON BREADS Store Opens at Town Square

  1. Granted thier bread is of superior level in Las Vegas – is $6 bucks really worth it when the La Brea stuff is decent at the local Albertsons in the 3-4 dollar range. Just sayin. 6 bucks gets you a pack of smokes, couple gallons of gas, 6 pack of pabst, cheap ass bottle of wine, happy hour food, greens for a salad. Isnt even going to No name pizza shop at the cosmo somewhere aroung 7 bucks for a big ass slice and a pint.

    I guess BB doesnt plan on doing that much retail bussiness

    It sure wont be chefs buying that bread when it gets sold to restaurants probably 75% less.

    So its hard to see an optimisitc point of view of this spot opening, when the stock market is poised for another crash tomorrow. 6 dollar bread is not peoples priority.

  2. ELV responds: Oh, how wrong can you be @bread face.

    If more people spent more money on locally-owned/made superior products like Bon Breads, instead of subsidizing trucked-in frozen stuff…for the sake of saving 2-3 lousy bucks, Las Vegas (and the world in general) would be a better place.

    And if you seriously think La Brea’s stuff is in the same league as Bon Breads, ELV must question your (previously heretofore* impeccable/unquestioned) foodie bona fides.

    * ELV loves using words like “heretofore.”

  3. Jon- If we were all wealthy attorney’s like you a $6 loaf of bread would be reasonable… The problem with BB is the RENT AT TS is Ridiculous! I suggest to go to the store late in the day and see if they discount the bread… many bakery’s do!

  4. I wish them success. And I’m with John when it comes to supporting locally owned and made products, especially if they are of superior quality.

    I’m not made of money, but I do tend to seek out better quality items if they are within a reasonable price of those of lesser quality. A couple bucks difference here or there? So what. What’s that, barely over a half gallon of gas these days? So do a bit less driving and more walking/riding the bicycle to save a buck or two. Your waistline will thank you as well.

  5. I’m saying I would love to support the idea of BB, twice weekly, every week, every month, every year. but a six bucks a loaf it hards to find sense in that. The people at BB should be grateful to pop on your site and read this free market research. I’m sure I’m not the only person that feels this way in the real world.

    A buck or two is alot of money when your planning a meal or grocery list.

    YOu know, when I (from my point of view) go grocery shopping I set my spending limit and if the 3 dollar bread makes more sense because my spending limit is 60 bucks than thats position.

    But truthfully I rather by a bag of Bobs red mill unbromated unbleached white flour, a container of yeast for a total of 9 bucks and make all my own peasantly fresh breads and pizza doughs in the comfort of my home all month long.

    And I think La brea is decent – The same way Robertos is decent when craving rolled tacos, and a bean and cheese burrito.

    I would be happy to see BB offer loaf specials before noon or after 5.

  6. Hey cheap ass, please stay away from BB and leave the good stuff for those of us who actually appreciate finally being able to buy what every other great city has. Bout time Carlos corked for a retail outlet, going to bullshit farmers market that sell everything BUT stuff from a farm was getting old

  7. This is the best LV food news I’ve heard in years! Congratulations to Bon Breads, they have most certainly worked hard to promote themselves among discerning restauranteurs and the Las Vegas public should consider themselves fortunate to finally have such well-crafted bread available to serve at the kitchen table.

  8. Just went by and it’s great to finally have a place to get real bread! Please support this local gem!

  9. Point of view I guess. I am one of those 30-somethings whose $90k car can be found out in the parking lot of whole foods or boca park during the middle of the day on a Tuesday when everyone is supposed to be at work, and it doesn’t really make much sense, even to me, to pay $6 for a loaf of bread. Especially when fantastic bread can be found at places like Patisserie Manon for $2.50 a loaf. Sure you expect BB to be overpriced at that location, but there isn’t a fine line between overpriced and flat out absurd. 2 loaves of bread for $12 = BigJoke.

  10. Hey Bread Face,

    If you can’t afford $6 for a quality loaf of bread,
    guess what? nobody says you have to buy it.
    John is letting us know where we can find a quality product and he is providing a local business with new customers so they can be successful.
    I will be happy to support this new shop and just because you can’t afford to,
    it’s pathetic for you to critcize them.

  11. I’ve been buy Bon Breads at Reznicks for 1/2 a year, this is not the first retail location – but it is their first self-owned retail location. If you live or work downtown then Rezniks is probably more convenient than going to Town Square to buy their fantastic bread.

    PS: The price to quality ratio is about $.75 too high at most, everyone whining over the cost should go back to enjoying their Wonder Bread. La Brea’s product purchased at the source is pretty good but to claim La Brea’s grocery store product is in the same league is laughable.

  12. @Bread Basket – “Its pathetic for you to critcize them”

    Theres no reason to be passive with joy over an effin bread shop. The guy with the 90k car in post #9 has it dialed in.

    Im going to criticize them and I am going to let them know that their limiting their customer base. Talk about inflation. Talk about 2011 depression era. 6 bucks for bread.

    You fanboys go right ahead and buy up that golden bread for 6 bucks a pop. Theres just not enough of you to sustain their business.

    heres a little perspective on a bakery in a real foodie city that doesnt charge 6 bucks for a loaf of bread

  13. I have traveled all over the world and have always enjoyed checking out specialty shops in each city. Thankfully when Whole Foods opened their doors in Summerlin they started showcasing locally owned products in addition to some mom and pop Italian grocers, for example Parma who makes fresh pasta and Sunflower Market. Las Vegas is one of the most well known cities when it come to restaurants but we don’t have many options for specialty stores.

    BB has taken it to the next level and have opened a centrally located specialty store, now we have the option to purchase a good quality product. I’m sure that all the foodies will be supporting them, I wish places like Mikuni and Praml would open their doors to the public too.

    Congratulations Bon Breads for opening their doors to the public 7 days a week!

  14. I went to the store and you could smell the fresh, baked bread! I found a 2 pound Parmesan cheese bread is $5, Sourdough too!!! My view is that $6. For the white chocolate Walnut is well worth it. It”s so delicious! It”s a desert to share with friends and family. I gladly pay for the experience, the uniqueness and the freshness of the bread. If you want to save a 1 or 2 dollars, go to the Supermarkets and stand in line. I love BB, good assortment and baked daily.Hey you get 10% off during the Opening month!

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