Truffles Gone Wild!

It all started with a trio of truffles from the Chef’s Diamond Company:

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…first sliced to reveal all their grainy goodness:

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…then extra thin on the truffle slicer:

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…then combining chopped truffles with shallots and finely, freshly ground long peppers with Hearst Ranch ground beef straight from California:

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(Note: These were true tuber melanosporum truffles, not summer truffles.* The winter truffles of Perigordian fame, grown in Western Australia (where it’s winter right now) and full of intense, earthy, truffle-y goodness. So intense, in fact, the kitchen filled up with the aroma as soon as we broke the seal on the vacuum bag.)

All the while, we were being plied with top shelf margaritas by host Bob Margison…made with a floater of ultra-top shelf mezcal, just in case we were feeling alcohol-deprived:

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…which came in handy when it came time to stand over a hot fire cooking all that truffle-infused meat, and then assembled the ultimate double-double truffle burger by placing two all-beef, truffle-stuffed, truffle-embossed patties together inside a soft, squishy bun**:

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After all that beefy goodness, ELV started drinking some of Big Bob’s primo stuff when suddenly we found ourselves in need of a resting place for our glass of fine, Australian shiraz,when this woman conveniently placed her hips under our glass:

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…someone dared ELV to pour wine on his head(?):

[imagebrowser id=1216]

…we threw Calvert Collins in the hot tub:

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…and all sorts of epic debauchery broke out***:

[nggallery id=1215]

…leading to a number of epic hangovers the next day.


* Summer truffles are nothing but a tasteless marketing gimmick used by restaurants to run up your tab.

** ELV loves him his soft squishy burger buns. He considers them the only appropriate use for air bread.

*** As much abasement as could be expected from a bunch of well-fed, white, middle class professionals who kept their clothes on.

6 thoughts on “Truffles Gone Wild!

  1. Those Australian truffles are all over the place. Had them at two different places in California and three places here. Overall. they really are surprisingly good.

  2. Thankfully I wasn’t there shirtless. It would have been the cause for a mass exodus out of the hot tub back to the bar.

    I’m proud of you ELV for minding the grill, I just have to convince you that the buns should have been brushed with butter…..and toasted. Toasted buns go with toasted humans.

  3. @king truff. That pretty arogant. Just remeber what you have is spored from the french so you will always be a bastard.

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