ELV has been busy…soon to get busier

We’ve been a little busy lately, both as a lawyer-at-law and in preparation for another Iron Chef America taping next Friday in New York City. Which explains why there have been no new posts in the past few days.

To make it up to you, we will bombarding you with our gustatory tales and travails until next Wednesday, and then will be shutting down the site between July 14-21.

For those in desperate need for an ELV fix, we suggest following us on Twitter, as we have maxed out on friends on our Facebook page.

You’ll have to excuse us now, as we have to go figure out a way to lose fifteen pounds (and ten years of gray hair) in the next five days.

1 thought on “ELV has been busy…soon to get busier

  1. Have a great time and if you see Uncle Alan and Brother Steven give them a shout-out for me. And don’t let Ruhlman rule the judging panel if he’s there.

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