3 thoughts on “The New York List

  1. Next time you go to Jacques Torres, get the chocolate peanut butter cookie too. It is just as good if not better than the chocolate chip cookie.

  2. Barbetta? Really? I haven’t lived in NYC in almost 5 years, but everything on restaurant row was worth missing when I lived there. Barbetta wasn’t even on the radar.

    Really happy that you went to Artisanal, and also really happy Balthazar is at the bottom of the list (I ate there often, but not because of the food). Sad pizza box wasn’t that interesting, looks like a fun tour.

  3. ELV responds: Barbetta is a gorgeous, old-fashioned slice of old New York…and the garden was just the thing we needed after 10 hours in Kitchen Stadium.
    And the Piedmontese cuisine (cold minestrone, saddle of rabbit, ricotta agnolotti with sage) was welcomed after 20 courses of fussy food!

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