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They only take cash. No credit cards, no debit cards. Cash only.

ELV found this out the hard way…but his failure to heed the sign on the menu and cash register was treated with benevolent bemusement by theĀ  owner, who simply beseeched him to “go get some cash,” and a “I trust you,” thereby sparing him the embarrassment of washing dishes…or being forced to clean live ducks or chickens or something.

Our meal (for two) had come to $29 and we left a $6 tip. A previous dinner (not paid for by ELV) had been about the same. Each one was a criminally cheap tariff for what is arguably the best Chinese barbecue along the Spring Mountain corridor.

All of it served in a bright, clean, new little sliver of a place tucked in the far corner of the same shopping strip that houses China MaMa. Open only a few months, the fifty seat space gets crowded quickly with lots of fellow travelers and their families who know the good stuff.

What they come for is juicy, tender duck, chicken and pork that are cooked with a light and steady hand, then sliced in that cross-sectioned, buzz saw way the Chinese like — a method of slicing that ensures easy to grab pieces and less drying out — even if the bones remain problematical. The Chinese reasoning being: the closer to the bone, the sweeter the meat, and all those annoying skeletal parts just serve as insurance for this.

So grab your chopsticks pilgrim, and get to this cozy corner where you’ll eat like a Mandarin, for peasant prices.

But remember, bring cash.


3400 South Jones Blvd. Ste. 5C

Las Vegas NV 89146


1 thought on “ASIAN BBQ & NOODLE

  1. Great recommendaton, thank you. Delicious BBQ & noodles (also a killer homemade chili oil hot sauce — wow, it is so good). You forgot to mention the wonderful pea sprouts in garlic sauce. Despite being quite crowded Saturday PM, the staff was efficient, helpful with the menu, and very polite. We will return often.

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