Warren Moon Cooks!

He may not be Coolio, but Warren Moon (known for throwing the coolest spiral in football), is one cool cat in the kitchen. This Hall of Fame quarterback made his legend over 23 years in professional football (6 in Canada and 17 in the NFL) and is one of the all-time greats.

And it turns out, he likes to cook. “I like to bake,” he told ELV, “and my wife and I cook together all the time. It’s a great form of relaxation.” And so it is, and so it was a ton o’ fun watching him get schooled in steaks (by the less-than-linebacker-sized Stephen Hopcraft) at STK last week.

Moon was in town throwing his Sports Dream Bowl to benefit the Urban Youth Scholarship Fund, and along with about 30 current and former football greats, raised a ton of money for a worthy cause.

Unfortunately,  Hopcraft probably dashed Moon’s hopes of ever cooking for a living as he dexterously detailed the steaks…just as Moon had to break the bad news to Stephen that the NFL probably wouldn’t be calling anytime soon.

Somehow, ELV thinks both men will get over it.

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