SOYO on KLAS TV (CBS) Channel 8’s Dishing and Dining

No shaky leg, an overuse of the word “really” (really(?)), and equating bai top (whelk) with escargot (??) highlight (lowlight) today’s appearance* on Channel 8 with the always lovely Denise Valdez.

* Since we’re now doing these live on the noon news, when mistakes are made, it’s damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! — with nary a moment to spare in the two minutes allotted.

2 thoughts on “SOYO on KLAS TV (CBS) Channel 8’s Dishing and Dining

  1. Next time, don’t forget to talk about the fantastic Korean beverages there (flavored sojus and the saeng makoli), also the barley tea served in tins. This places is great, definitely recommend it.

  2. Hey friend, that’s the beauty of live tv. It is in fact full speed ahead, but you’ll never know, or remember, if you flubbed a line here or there. (Hell, there aren’t lines as it were on live tv anyway). As long as the viewers get the message, i.e. the pancakes are savory not sweet, you’re doing good.

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