Getting Pickled at LA FLOR DE MICHOACAN

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Why is ELV bothering to recommend a joint that 90% of his loyal readers would never think of going to?

For two reasons: One, he enjoys going where most griegos fear to tread; and two, he thought it about time someone finally gave pickled pork rinds on a giant fried thingy (aka a duroloco) its due.

Plus, he loves watching cute Mexican kids enjoy themselves in this east Las Vegas version of Luv-It-Custard.

Of course, the similarity ends once you get past the family-ice-cream thing, but this place is so popular, we’re thinking Luv-It might start rethinking its lack of having pickled pork rinds on a giant fried thingy on its menu.

Truth be told, the duroloco plate (enough to more than satiate four normal adult’s cravings for pickled pork rinds) was all we had, as we were off to a more formal affair later that day, but the hand-made quality of it, and the sights and smells of all those ice creams were most impressive.

So impressive in fact, we’ll be returning this weekend for more authentic Mexican eats.

Oh, we almost forgot. How were those pickled pork rinds on a giant fried thingy?

Let’s just say the American cheeseburger has nothing to worry about, but if pickled pork skins on a giant, deep-fried thingy sounds like your kind of thing, you will be in hog heaven.


6055 East Charleston Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89156-7801


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  1. Thanks John for giving them a shot. When you go back try the alfalfa water, mamey shakes, corn ice cream, barley water.

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