A four pound, fresh from the tank, hand-picked lobster, flash-fried with a house special butter-and-black-bean sauce costs $52 here.

A mile and a half to the east, it would be twice the price.

We suggest accompanying it with some hot and sour soup (that is truly both), sauteed ong choy, and some kung pao squid that will fight for your attention (with the lobster) in all sorts of tasty ways.

The whole magilla will run around $75/two (we didn’t pay, thanks Sarah!), and provides yet another reason why you should never venture far from Spring Mountain Road for any of your Asian (culinary) delights.

Or your lobsters for that matter.

And after a meal of succulent lobster and spicy cephalopods, our staff suggests a short stroll through the parking lot to Tea Planet, for probably the best boba around.

Just thought you’d like to know.


4215 West Spring Mountain Rd. #B-202

Las Vegas, NV 89102


2 thoughts on “CAPITAL SEAFOOD

  1. This has been my favorite seafood restaurant since I arrived here 6 years ago. Fresh, inexpensive, delicious and attentive waitstaff. I could eat there every day.

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