Grand Tasting Tasty Snaps

As ELV leaves the snug, cozy, gastronomic confines of Las Vegas for Reno,* he thought a few tasty and personal iPhone snaps from last Friday’s Vegas Uncork’s Grand Tasting might be in order:

[nggallery id=1123]

As our day job is calling, we haven’t the time to label each of the 28 pictures, but we will do so upon our return, as well as do another posting or two of some of the other extraordinary food we experienced over those three fun-and-fat-filled-days. (ELV estimates he added another pound or two to his already bulging, size 44 frame.

Bon appetit indeed!

* Or, as attorney John A. Curtas, Lawyer-at-Law likes to refer to it: The Shittiest Little City In The World.