Eat This Now – Old New York Slice at METRO PIZZA

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If you’ve ever have a hankerin’ for a slice of old New York pizza — and let’s face it who hasn’t? — then only one pie in Las Vegas really fills that bill: the Old New York Pizza at Metro Pizza. Owners John and Sam Arena take understandable pride in their array of styles and techniques, and take great pains to duplicate the tastes of their youth…back when they were two yutes.

The slices above reminded ELV of one of his early New York pizza memories — at the original Ray’s, before it became famous for being Ray’s, before it even became famous, and before it then became Famous Ray’s and/or the Original Ray’s Famous and then became the subject of lawsuits anytime someone named Ray was either eating or selling a pizza anywhere within a hundred mile radius of midtown Manhattan.

With its fresh tomato sauce, thin, squishy crust, accent of herbs and good mozz (all in correct proportion), it also put us in mind of Patsy’s in Harlem. In other words, it was/is perfect for those needing a New York pizza fix 2,500 miles from there.

A small one costs $12.70 at any one of the six Metro pizza locations in town. No litigation necessary.

Just thought you’d like to know.

2 thoughts on “Eat This Now – Old New York Slice at METRO PIZZA

  1. You are killing me! This is my my favorite pizza ANYWHERE!!! I tell everyone who will litsen to eat at Metro Pizza. It’s so good I could cry. If you know of a pizza place in the Seattle area, (grew up there, we live north of there now) that even remotely compares to Metro, PLEASE let me know. This is our MUST EAT EVERY trip to Las Vegas, my mouth is watering at the thought of it.

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