Hot Hostesses Watch – BESO

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Ay caramba! Ay chihuahua! Ay dios mio!

Or, as we like to say around the ELV household: “Damn, I’m suddenly hungry for Eva Longoria’s Latin-steakhouse fare!”

Courtney and Nicole are but two of three, highly professional hostesses who happily host you to your haven at Beso, where you will soon be hankering for Matt Piekarski’s hale and hearty cuisine.

Click through to picture #2 and you will see they are unhesitatingly helped by Katy.

They are but three reasons to hoof it to Crystals/Aria, and give this unheralded haunt another hello whenever you’re hurrying to hurdle your hunger.

As you will hear when ELV soon humorously heaves his hypnotic and hackneyed hash its way…as is his habit.

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  1. they better be good looking because the service is so bad you have plenty of time to watch!!

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