The French Food Connection

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Hot French chicks, passionate food dudes, plus more jellies, jams and fromage than you could shake a macaron at — yeah, when the French Food Connection trade show is in town, ELV is there faster than you can say crêpes fourrées aux oeuf brouillés au Parmesan.

It’s a trade-only show (meaning: open only to chefs, food and beverage execs, importers, retailers and a few of us lucky bastards in the press) that comes to town once a year to show off the best of French products for export. In one small meeting room we encountered Cecile Delannes, the Cheese Ambasadrice de France, Bovetti Artisan Chocolates, Mere Poulard’s insanely rich crackers and cookies, and choucroute in a bag that has to be the last word in ready-to-eat-Alsatian-treats (although this savory stuff is made in the Champagne region).

France may have lost some of its preeminence in the restaurant world over the last decade, but no one earth makes better, cheeses, chocolates and confiture (jams and jellies). In an afternoon of afternoon delights, the fabrication de specialities corses of Corsica Gastronomia by Charles Antona were the most delightful of all. Fruit jams from the company’s own orchards and something called beer jelly with chestnuts made quite an impression on this palate…something it doesn’t get from Smucker’s.

ELV defies you to peruse even a few of these purveyors without getting hungry….or ordering something:

Bon appetit indeed!

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